internationale media:

It may look like a bouncy castle for children, but this ethereal “building” is actually an inflatable, pop-up church. Self-proclaimed philosopher Frank Los came up with the idea for the Transparent Church, which he travels around with in the Netherlands. Making his way to festivals, private parties and company events, Los holds open discussions and preaches to the public out of the unconventional house of worship. He says he uses humor and his experiences in theater to launch new ideas and draw existing beliefs into question. The translucent church measures 5 by 6 by 8 meters and includes a steeple and arched operable doors, with space inside that can hold up to 30 people for a variety of events. The temporary pavilion deflates for easy transport and pops up upon arrival in no time at all. The interior is left open to play host to lectures, talks, community discussions, music and more. During the day, natural daylighting filters through the material and keeps the space warm like a greenhouse. Fans often have to be brought in to help keep the space cool. At night, interior lights light up the church and make it glow like a lantern. Los tells us, “In the Transparent Church questions are raised about our most solid convictions. This creates a space where one can discover that life can be easier and more enjoyable. The Transparent Church is available as a Theater Show, a Presentation or to facilitate meaningful discussions and experiences.”